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Scott Stedjan

Scott Stedjan

Scott Stedjan is a senior policy advisor for humanitarian response at Oxfam America. He is Oxfam’s representative to the US government on the Darfur conflict, conflict prevention, civilian protection, conventional arms control, and other humanitarian-related issues.

Private sector engagement

Will Obama’s stance on the Arms Trade Treaty erode his own National Security Strategy?

“We reject the notion that lasting security and prosperity can be found by turning away from universal rights…our support for universal rights is both fundamental to American leadership and a source of our strength in the world.” President Barack Obama, May 2010 National Security Strategy. President Obama has made it clear that security does not […]

Disasters & conflicts

Arms Trade Treaty negotiations: Five things to watch

After years of waiting, the UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty got underway, sort of, on July 2. The first two days were wasted by an off-topic debate over credentials and seating arrangements. But on the evening of July 3, work began.                         […]

Disasters & conflicts

What’s the deal with bananas and the global arms trade?

Are there more international laws on the trade of bananas than conventional weapons, like AK-47s? The short answer is astonishingly, yes. The global trade in bananas or banana plants is governed by at least three binding global agreements and the non-binding, though strictly adhered to, Codex food code. The arms trade is not governed by […]