The Politics of Poverty

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What would MLK say today?

When it comes to wages and wealth for African Americans, economic freedom is still far from a reality.

The Big Four finance institutions are massively implicated in tax avoidance. Of the more than 4,000 foreign subsidiaries owned by the four largest U.S. finance institutions, 89 percent are located in tax havens. Photo: Featured

A hidden network of hidden wealth

If taxed on the nearly $100 billion dollars they keep offshore, the largest U.S. financial institutions could cover the U.S.’s entire poverty-focused foreign assistance budget for 2014.

Since October 2015, more than 10,000 migrants - many of them unaccompanied children - have fled over the US-Mexico border. Photo: John Moore / Getty Images Disasters & conflicts

Is the U.S. deporting Central Americans back to their deaths?

As thousands continue to stream over the US-Mexico border from Central America, the US is planning a massive operation to send them all home, but it's a poor solution. Migration is only a symptom of the real issues.

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