The Politics of Poverty

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Workers install materials in a new subway station in New York City. (Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority) Featured

Who wins when companies don’t pay taxes?

The costs of corporate tax avoidance are massive—and easy to see. But not everyone loses when companies don’t pay their fair share of tax. Indeed, some people (hint—the very, very wealthy) make out like bandits.

Child-care workers at Learning World Child Development Center in Riverdale, Md. Over 1.25 million workers care for people (young, elderly, disabled) at home or in facilities. The median hourly wage for childcare workers is $9.77 ($20,320 per year). (Photo: Ricky Carioti / Washington Post via Getty Images) Featured

Good job, bad job

More of us are working, but more of us are feeling locked out of economic security and prosperity. What’s happening? Sadly, employers are eating away at the quality of our jobs, reducing workers to little more than line items that get in the way of profits.

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