The Politics of Poverty

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Ms. Mamawse Sandra, farmer and credit officer of APDAL. Photo: Anna Fawcus / Oxfam America Food, agriculture, and livelihoods

Changing the power dynamics in a flawed food system

Our current food system is set up in a way that offers the least to those who it most depends on: farmers. A few recommendations for how companies can give those who grow our food, their fair share.

Current US farm programs disproportionately favor commodity growers and provide higher payments for higher
production. Large farms gain over small farms, and commodity crops gain over diversified operations. This
system also shuts out producers of color, because of how programs are designed and a legacy of discrimination
with repercussions that continue today.  Photo: Liliana Rodriguez/ Oxfam America Featured

Playing the trade game with US commodities

Despite the fact that commodity growers in the US have it quite good in the global trade game, leveling the playing field for farmers in the developing world still seems to be a longshot.

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