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Aden has witnessed severe ground fighting since April 2015, and its residents were cut off from fuel, food and medical supplies for months. As a result, some of Oxfam's operations were suspended there, but we continued to work with local water authorities to ensure clean water was pumped to nearly a million people in and around Aden. (Photo: Mohammed Taleb / Oxfam) Disasters & conflicts

Yemen’s War: 10 things To Know Before President Obama’s Trip to Riyadh

The conflict in Yemen, which the US has fueled by supporting the Saudi-led coalition, has killed and injured thousands and brought the entire country into crisis. President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia this week is an opportunity to help bring about a sustainable peace.

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The final act on corporate tax responsibility is already written

Companies that have made major investments in strong social, environmental and human rights track records risk losing consumer support and their social license to operate unless they move toward greater transparency and action on tax responsibility.

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How the world really works

Forget what you learned in school, the Panama Papers are your new curriculum on how the world works.

Shrimp caught at the pond of Duong Van Rang, a member of managing board of a coastal biodiversity consevation project a in Hai Thu hamlet, Long Hoa commune, Chau Thanh district, Vietnam. Photo: Chau Doan / for Oxfam America Featured

Let them eat shrimp

Why do tech startups insist that their pet businesses will help poor people?

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