The Politics of Poverty

Ideas and analysis from Oxfam America's policy experts

Gender justice

Gender equality is the US aid reform focus we’re missing

If foreign aid was designed from its core to elevate women in society to a position of equality, it would more effectively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and make the world a safer and more prosperous place for all.

Climate change

The road to zero deforestation food

To get to a deforestation free supply chains, food and beverage companies must strengthen protections for people who are living on the frontlines of the world’s forests.

Making aid work

Oxfam’s international affairs budget voting guide: H.R. 3354

Today the House of Representatives will vote on the State Foreign Operations spending bill as part of the Omnibus package (HR 3354) for FY 2018. Here’s Oxfam’s guide for which amendments Congress should support or oppose.

Poverty in the US

The assault on workers won’t take a break for Labor Day

As our nation takes the weekend to "celebrate" the hardworking Americans undergirding our economy, our government is systematically weakening the rights, protections, and bargaining power of these very workers.

Disasters & conflicts

What did we learn from Katrina?

It’s hard not to see Harvey, which hit land as a Category 4 Hurricane and then became a prolonged, enormous rainstorm, as a disaster that parallels to Hurricane Katrina, which struck nearly exactly this date in 2005. Minor Sinclair was on the ground in 2005, and offers insights on the challenges facing Houston.

Private sector engagement

Business for social justice

Why some CEOs are leading the charge on diversity and inclusion.

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