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Disasters & conflicts

Erratic weather and drought in the US heartland

This is the first in a series of blogs considering the options for and barriers to agricultural resiliency from the perspective of a US farmer. Last year, I wrote a Politics of Poverty blog on the drought that devastated my crops and range here in south-central Kansas and extended down through Oklahoma and Texas and […]

Food, agriculture, and livelihoods

Cotton continues to STAX the deck

Oxfam has long argued that US cotton subsidies damage lives and livelihoods of smallholder farmers in developing countries at a high cost to American taxpayers(see also this study). Unfortunately, subsidies for US cotton producers included in the Senate Farm Bill proposal continues this trend rather than reverses it. In 2002, Brazil, joined by Chad, Burkina […]

Food, agriculture, and livelihoods

Will alphabet soup help the world be better fed?

We need agricultural policies that can pass basic democratic muster and help serve up a just food system better equipped to ensure everyone has access to the safe, nutritious, and affordable food they need.