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Food, agriculture, and livelihoods

Cliff divers and Robin Hood

Maybe a window of opportunity in the US is opening for the Robin Hood Tax.

Politics of poverty

Well, at least they saved the banks. How about the rest of us?

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of TARP.  Probably, there won’t be a lot of parties.  Probably no one will mention it.  Maybe you don’t even remember what TARP is. TARP was President Bush’s last-ditch effort to save the economy. In the face of a rapidly unraveling financial crisis, as many banks and insurers began revealing […]

Disasters & conflicts

“The rise of the machine”: High frequency trading and food prices

A rough consensus has emerged around the causes of the high food prices that spiraled up in 2007 and 2008; increasing global food demand due to rising incomes and population, stalling agriculture productivity, and biofuels. But one factor that remains hotly debated is the role of financial speculation in food prices. The amount of food […]

Climate change

Unions vs. Big Banks: Rally for tax to create jobs and fight poverty

As world leaders gather this week for the G20 Summit in Cannes, France, activists around the world are calling for a Robin Hood Tax to make Wall Street pay for their role in the economic meltdown. The tax would raise much needed support to create jobs, protect public services, and fight poverty and climate change. […]

Climate change

Short on cash, G20 leaders try ‘Innovative Financing’ for size

This blog post was written by Porter McConnell, Oxfam America policy and advocacy manager for Aid Effectiveness. It was originally posted on DevEx and has also been reposted on the Oxfam blog. Last year in Seoul, G20 leaders made an ambitious commitment to the “Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth.” This week in Cannes, the […]

Politics of poverty

Calling on you to #tweetG20

Victoria Marzilli is leading Oxfam International digital communications at the G20 Summit. She is Oxfam America’s New Media Specialist and will be blogging and tweeting at the G20 in Cannes November 3-4. The G20 countries represent around 90% of global gross national product, 80% of world trade, and two thirds of the world population. Isn’t […]

Politics of poverty

Where the money is

It looks like the big banks got away scott free in the debt bill signed by President Obama last night while the poor and middle class are likely to pay the price. We won’t know how all of the numbers shake out until the fall, but there will be added pressure for greater cuts to […]