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Climate change

Unions vs. Big Banks: Rally for tax to create jobs and fight poverty

As world leaders gather this week for the G20 Summit in Cannes, France, activists around the world are calling for a Robin Hood Tax to make Wall Street pay for their role in the economic meltdown. The tax would raise much needed support to create jobs, protect public services, and fight poverty and climate change. […]

Climate change

Short on cash, G20 leaders try ‘Innovative Financing’ for size

This blog post was written by Porter McConnell, Oxfam America policy and advocacy manager for Aid Effectiveness. It was originally posted on DevEx and has also been reposted on the Oxfam blog. Last year in Seoul, G20 leaders made an ambitious commitment to the “Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth.” This week in Cannes, the […]

Politics of poverty

Calling on you to #tweetG20

Victoria Marzilli is leading Oxfam International digital communications at the G20 Summit. She is Oxfam America’s New Media Specialist and will be blogging and tweeting at the G20 in Cannes November 3-4. The G20 countries represent around 90% of global gross national product, 80% of world trade, and two thirds of the world population. Isn’t […]

Climate change

Out of the bunker: Momentum mounts for a global carbon price on shipping emissions

Representatives from the World Bank and IMF presented their findings from a draft report on sources of climate finance to G20 finance and development ministers on Friday. The report responds to the request of G20 Finance Ministers in exploring scaled up finance for climate change adaptation and mitigation actions in developing countries. Its recommendations significantly […]