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Aid data: Time to get crunching!

A compilation of data sets related to global development...for the geek in all of us.

Poverty in the US

Is inequality killing us?

New report shows that shorter lives and poorer health will ultimately harm the US economy

Private sector engagement

US intellectual property policy and access to medicines in the developing world: A rebuttal to Progressive Economy’s “Trade Fact of the Week”

Rohit Malpani is a campaigns advisor at Oxfam and leads the organization’s access to medicines campaign. Oxfam’s response to Progressive Economy’s “Trade Fact of the Week” 11/28/12 is cross posted from the Progressive Economy blog. Oxfam disagrees with the analysis set out in your November 28 article about patent protection for medicines. The article incorrectly […]

Making aid work

World Health Day, polio, and my dad

Ministers of health around the world have been calling on the United States for years to help them strengthen their own systems, and it’s time to rise to the challenge. The US is shifting from emergency mode to working with governments and civil society to determine the long-term health needs of their country.