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Climate change

Can Durban be the bridge to a better future on climate change?

My colleague Tim Gore, climate change policy advisor at Oxfam International, wrote this blog laying out what governments can achieve at UN Climate talks which are starting this week in Durban, South Africa. We’ve adapted the blog to the US context and are reposting it here. It’s now two years since the frantic campaigning and […]

Disasters & conflicts

Separating fact from fiction on the Arms Trade Treaty

A victim of armed violence in Albania. A parliamentarian from Uruguay. A women’s rights activist from the Central African Republic. And an American arms control expert.   They all spoke last Thursday at a UN Conference on the Proposed Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) about the need for increased global regulations on the international trade of […]

Disasters & conflicts

Do as I say, not as I do

France's arms transfer to Libyan rebels who have been accused of serious human rights violations weakens the French position within the UN Arms Trade Treaty discussions which are due to resume July 11. The US should not follow suit.

Disasters & conflicts

Wanted: Peacekeepers who keep peace

South Sudan's new government still needs support from the international community. A mandate under Chapter VII of the UN Charter would allow a new UN Peacekeeping mission in South Sudan to physically intervene--with force if necessary--to protect civilians against the wide array of threats they face.

Disasters & conflicts

Sudan: What’s next for Abyei?

As humanitarian organizations and the UN strive to meet the immediate needs of displaced people, Oxfam is calling on the UN Security Council to ensure that the new peacekeeping mission in Sudan makes protecting civilians from violence its top priority.

Climate change

Climate and agriculture news roundup

Senate Democrats are seeking to protect energy and climate programs targeted by the House’s aggressive budget cuts, a move that accelerates the chambers toward a clash over President Obama’s key priorities and a possible government shutdown. The world is consuming grains faster than farmers are growing them, draining reserves and pushing prices to the levels […]