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ExxonMobil says one thing—and lobbies for another. How can we hold companies accountable for what they do in the dark?

For years, Oxfam has participated in a global initiative which aims to promote accountability around the management of oil, gas, and mineral resources. The EITI Standard engages 55 countries, 68 companies, and eight organizations. But maintaining the standard requires transparency, honesty, and integrity—and recent signs indicate that ExxonMobil is not playing by the rules.

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Empowering local governments? What we learned from the LOKAL+ project in Haiti

The recent assassination of Haiti’s president sparked a political crisis in a country that has been a theater of chronic political instability for decades. At the same time, Haitians are in dire need of reliable public services and more effective local governance. A USAID project aimed at the heart of Haiti’s struggle with inequality and corruption. Did it work?

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