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UAW on strike

Enough of crumbs: We want a piece of the pie

Why are members of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) taking to the street as the latest workers to go on strike this year? Here’s one reason: auto industry profits soared by 92% in ten years, to $250 billion, while worker pay has declined by nearly 20% since 2008.

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Pharmanomics group Politics of Poverty

How big pharma destroys global health

In which Oxfam sponsors a great conversation with author Nick Dearden about his new book, Pharmanomics, along with Gavin Bade from Politico, and Lori Wallach from Rethink Trade.

roadside-shelter-registration-table Politics of Poverty

Choosing solidarity

Making the transition from an international to a national NGO can benefit local and national organizations—but only if that’s a top priority.

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