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One more measure of increasing inequality in the US: Geography

As Congress has been largely deadlocked over recent years, it’s fallen to the states to make the most important changes to labor laws and policies. The result? A crazy patchwork quilt of laws that vary wildly from one state to the next, and pour fuel on the fire of widening inequality in the US.

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We must value and respect women's work

Working women are facing extraordinary challenges in the US today. But it’s not the same for everyone: from one state to the next, policies around wages, protections, and rights vary dramatically. Oxfam and Legal Momentum are tracking these laws carefully, and advocating for more robust protections for workers and their families.

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Nos trae mas oscuridad FIONA, trabajemos juntos par buscar la luz

Casi cinco años después de que el huracán María azotara a Puerto Rico con fuertes vientos y lluvias, el huracán Fiona azotó la isla. Esta tormenta ha arrojado cantidades extraordinarias de lluvia ha causado devastadoras inundaciones y deslizamientos de tierra, que han dejado miles de personas sin luz, y destruido parcialmente una red eléctrica aún más debilitada que anteriormente.

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