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A pop-up gallery event—Cambodia: Losing Ground

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Come see the consequences of global land grabs in Washington, DC

For our readers who live in Washington, DC or who are planning to visit this month, you are cordially invited to a pop-up gallery exhibit in Washington, DC, from April 10th to the 21st,  featuring photographs from the acclaimed photographer Emma Hardy, just in time for the World Bank’s Land and Poverty conference and the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings.

Woman collecting water snails for food, Andong slum, Cambodia. Photo: Emma Hardy / Oxfam



Where: Avenue Suites Hotel, 2500 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20037. (Metro: Foggy Bottom)

When: Wednesday, April 10th to Sunday April 21st, 5 to 10pm daily.

Access to the gallery is free. Visitors who mention Oxfam at the bar enjoy specials from 5 to 7pm daily.

For more information, email [email protected] or see www.oxfam.org/land.




A community of 1,367 families were uprooted from central Phnom Penh in June 2006 and forcibly relocated to open swamp land in Andong, 13 miles from the city and their livelihoods. Why? To make way for a shopping mall that is yet to be built. Hardy traveled to Cambodia to capture the story of this community and others, fighting to reclaim their rights to own, inhabit, and work the land they once owned.

The World Bank influences how land is bought and sold on a global scale. Oxfam’s GROW’s campaign is calling for urgent action from the World Bank to halt the speed and scale of land grabbing around the world.

Add your voice here and consider yourself invited to the exhibit! We hope to see you there!

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