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Pharmanomics group Politics of Poverty

How big pharma destroys global health

In which Oxfam sponsors a great conversation with author Nick Dearden about his new book, Pharmanomics, along with Gavin Bade from Politico, and Lori Wallach from Rethink Trade.

IRA-1 web Politics of Poverty

Let’s talk about the Inflation Reduction Act

What’s in a bill name? A lot, apparently: When lawmakers repackaged a number of robust programs once included in the Build Back Better legislation into the Inflation Reduction Act, it seemed to make it smell much sweeter to a select few in Congress. Where did the bill end up, after all the concessions were made?

food workers in Brazil Politics of Poverty

Turning Point: Time to put principles into practice in our food system

One important consensus emerged during the pandemic: Businesses have a duty to think beyond profit maximization. The leading supermarkets in the US need to face up to this responsibility to do better; they have the power to transform how people work, what consumers buy, and how the supply chain operates.

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