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A new era for Black women

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Essence 2023 7
Oxfam panel on "This is How We Win" featuring (l to r): Roishetta Ozane, Founder of the Vessel Project of Louisiana, Ashley Shelton, Executive Director of Power Coalition, Dr. Lekeisha Richardson, M.D., Louisiana, Shamyra Lavigne, RISE St. James Rise, Maria Harmon, Co-director/Co-Founder Step Up and Louisiana State Rep. Delisha Boyd Photo: Partee Photography/Kayland Partee

In late June, Oxfam partnered with Black Women's Roundtable and Mississippi Black Women's Roundtable to host the third annual symposium for Black women at Essence in New Orleans, LA. These photos capture a bit of the joy, power, and energy for the future of Black women.

It was standing room only at the events in New Orleans that kicked off "A New Era for Black Women," with a genuine sense of community and hope. Roughly 150 women wholeheartedly joined in envisioning an equitable and prosperous future where Black women--particularly those concentrated in low-wage jobs and/or impacted by climate change--can see a future where they thrive.

An external advisory council of 12 exceptional Black women leaders helped to strategically steer the program of this year’s symposium at Essence Fest.

All photos: Partee Photography/Kayland Partee

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