Politics of Poverty

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Nabil Convo Politics of Poverty

"We arrived here not by accident"

In the first of a series of interviews with some of Oxfam's experts and advocates, Nabil Ahmed ponders on the current state of inequality: how it stands, how we got here, and how to redress the balance of power.

yachts inequality Politics of Poverty

Checking in with Joseph Stiglitz on the state of inequality

In which Oxfam staffers get a chance to chat with the esteemed economist Joseph Stiglitz, and there is mention of war profiteering, politicians who want MORE inequality, what gives him hope, and the sperm lottery.

VoteAboutIt-web Politics of Poverty

There’s a lot on the ballot Tuesday. Don’t miss your chance to vote for good!

The map of voter turnout for midterm elections has been sad and spotty over the past century. In 2018, just half the electorate showed up, versus nearly two thirds in 2020. But these elections are vitally important: for legislators, and for initiatives. Here we offer a quick rundown of some key efforts to get out the vote for good.

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