Politics of Poverty

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poultry plant Politics of Poverty

It’s time to fix our broken food system

The food system in the US is dominated by giant corporations that prioritize profits over everything else. Sen. Cory Booker, a longtime critic of agribusiness, has just introduced four bills to mandate better practices up and down the food chain.

Ben Convo Politics of Poverty

“You can win more often than you realize—even when that seems impossible”

Oxfam's director of campaigns holds onto hope even in the face of big money lobbyists and efforts to pit people against one another. "Fighting back means prioritizing the changes that deliver real dignity and opportunity for all of us, whether that’s reproductive liberty or clean air and good jobs."

Nabil Convo Politics of Poverty

"We arrived here not by accident"

In the first of a series of interviews with some of Oxfam's experts and advocates, Nabil Ahmed ponders on the current state of inequality: how it stands, how we got here, and how to redress the balance of power.

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