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farmworker onion Politics of Poverty

Going to work shouldn’t endanger your life. But it often does.

On April 28, we mark Workers’ Memorial Day by remembering people who’ve been killed on the job. This grim milestone seems to get worse every year--as hazards multiply, and employers skirt responsibility while preferencing profits over workers’ health and safety. Is there a way for workers to push back on the abuses of corporate power?

corporate profits over time Politics of Poverty

Inflation, greed, and Corporate America’s war against workers (and consumers)

The recent struggle in Major League Baseball (MLB) between owners (employers) and workers (players) illustrated once again how big corporations are driven only by the bottom line (profits). Consider that when you go to the store and balk at high prices; corporations are cashing in on this moment of anxiety by jacking up prices for no reason other than greed.

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