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Vessel Project of Louisiana Politics of Poverty

Nothing New Under the Sun: Southern Black Women & the Fight for the Soul of Climate Change

My recent time spent with the Black women environmental justice leaders of Lake Charles, LA helped me better appreciate the similar struggles and solidarity between climate defenders in the Global and US South. This Earth Day, more urgently than ever before, Black communities in the US South need our attention and support against the disproportionate burdens of climate change.

child care empty Politics of Poverty

Care work is the cornerstone of our economy. And it's in danger.

Last week, the child care crisis in the U.S. fell off a cliff, as pandemic-era funding expired. As Congress fails to act, it hurts not just families, but countless child care professionals who are already struggling to get by. Here, one expert tells her story.

UAW on strike Politics of Poverty

Enough of crumbs: We want a piece of the pie

Why are members of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) taking to the street as the latest workers to go on strike this year? Here’s one reason: auto industry profits soared by 92% in ten years, to $250 billion, while worker pay has declined by nearly 20% since 2008.

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